About us

Where did we come from and where are we going?

TexTec has its roots in Twente. With over 25 years experience in the textile industry we have a great deal of technical expertise, up-to-date knowledge of the textile market and professional contacts with experts throughout Europe.

The TexTec team has experience at a large textile manufacturer in the garden design industry. These experiences we have brought with us in the design of new fabrics. TexTec combines high quality fabrics with technical innovations. Read here more about the innovative manufacturing techniques we use to develop our fabrics.

In addition, we know from experience how best to support our customers on a daily basis. TexTec stands for innovation, collaboration and sharing success. With the knowledge TexTec possesses we are able to meet the needs of our customers. From the first contact to delivery of the product TexTec supports its customers – with full involvement – in the development of distinctive textiles.

The collection of TexTec has been put together with care. Our diverse products include modern designs in contemporary colours. We also deliver fabrics that adapt to current trends, such as fabrics with a natural look. All our outdoor fabrics have high light fastness, which means that the colours of the fabric do not change rapidly under the influence of light. Read here more about light fastness. Take a look at our collection .

TexTec sees future in ‘Smart Textiles’. That is textiles – besides good looks – also are ‘intelligent’. It is textile with high functionality because it has the ability to adapt to different circumstances. An example is the TexTec ‘AllWeather textile’. This is a water-tight and light-stable fabric which is resistant to various weather conditions.